Customer Service Standards

 ERAC greatly values the relationships between our employees, attorneys, and the general public.  In order to further such relationships, and consistent with ERAC’s mission, the Commission has established the following customer service standards:

1.   Employees will communicate with customers in a manner that is respectful, courteous, and professional at all times;

2.   Employees will listen to customers with the goal of understanding their question or concern and responding with accurate, complete, and precise information;

3.   If a question or request for information falls outside the employee’s duties or area of expertise, the employee will attempt to obtain the appropriate information and follow up with the customer in a timely manner; and

4.   If a question or complaint falls outside of the Commission’s jurisdiction, the employee will refer the customer to the appropriate agency whenever possible.

A copy of this policy will be given to each employee of the Commission.  A copy of the policy will also be posted on the Commission’s website.  An employee’s compliance with the standards shall be evaluated as part of the employee’s periodic performance reviews.